Planning for Your Retirement

When you are considering retirement, we encourage you to contact our Member Services team at least four to five months before the date you plan to retire to ensure we are able to provide you with all the information you will need to make informed retirement decisions.

As part of your retirement planning process you should consider:

  • Your retirement income from all sources, for example: investments, employer-sponsored pension plans, CPP, OAS, etc.
  • What you plan to do during your retirement, for example: travel, work part-time, hobbies, etc.
  • Your health status and your spouse/common-law partner’s health status at retirement
  • Your expenses at retirement, for example: children in university and/or living at home, etc.

In addition, we encourage you to:

1.  Attend a pre-retirement presentation

One of the services HEB Manitoba provides is pre-retirement planning presentations. If there is sufficient interest at your facility and your facility requests a presentation, we will present general retirement information for members who are approaching or considering retirement.

2.  Use your new Online Pension Estimator

Log on to the Pension Estimator through My HEB Online Services to project a number of different retirement scenarios to help you plan for your future.

3.  Obtain a retirement package from HEB Manitoba

All members considering retirement should request a retirement package by contacting our Member Services team at least four to five months in advance of their intended retirement date. The package will outline pension options and the estimated monthly amounts available under each option. Information on other benefits you are entitled to elect, such as Life Insurance and Retiree Group Healthcare coverage, is also included.

4.  Make an appointment to meet with a Member Services Pension Specialist

We are available for one-on-one meetings with you and your spouse/common-law partner to review your retirement options and assist you in understanding them. While our Pension Specialists are not financial planners and cannot provide financial advice, they can answer any questions regarding the Pension Plan and provide insight into various scenarios that will assist you in making the best decision for your personal situation.

To ensure a Member Services team member is available to meet with you, please book an appointment at least two weeks in advance.

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