You must apply for any other disability benefits or income replacement benefits you may be eligible to receive. If you are eligible to receive income from other sources, such as the Canada Pension Plan, Quebec Pension Plan, Workers Compensation Board, or Manitoba Public Insurance, your monthly D&R Benefit payment will be reduced by these amounts. If you do not apply for all benefits you may be eligible for, an offset will still be applied, whether or not the other benefits are actually received.

Other earnings, benefits, payments and Third Party Claims will be applied as an offset based on the D&R Plan provisions.

While approved for D&R Benefits, a Covered Employee’s total monthly income from the D&R Benefit, income and other sources of income (based on the D&R Plan provisions) cannot exceed 85% of Monthly Earnings as of the Covered Employee’s Date of Disability.

If you receive any insurance benefits or offsets, you must notify HEB Manitoba.

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