D&R coverage starts on the day you commence Active Service.

Active Service means in the performance of the Material and Substantial Duties of the employee’s Regular Occupation at the normal level of hours for which they were hired.

To enrol in the D&R Plan:

  • Both you and your employer representative must sign an original, completed D&R Plan Enrolment Form within 60 days from the date you are eligible for D&R coverage (your Effective Date of Coverage)
  • Your Employer must submit the original, completed and signed Enrolment Form to HEB Manitoba within the 60-day deadline.

Note:  D&R premiums must be remitted on your behalf starting from your Effective Date of Coverage.

Late Enrolment and Evidence of Insurability

An enrolment is late if:

  • Both you and your employer representative do not sign the Enrolment Form within 60 days from the date you are eligible for coverage under the D&R Plan (your Effective Date of Coverage); and/or
  • HEB Manitoba receives the Enrolment Form, from your Employer, after 60 days from the date you are eligible for coverage under the D&R Plan (your Effective Date of Coverage). HEB Manitoba will, however, allow your Employer an additional 10 business days for mailing.

If an enrolment is late, you must provide Evidence of Insurability (evidence of good health). The Evidence of Insurability information will be assessed by an external insurance company (Canada Life). Your eligibility will be based on the assessment decision.

If your eligibility is denied due to the Evidence of Insurability assessment, you are not eligible for D&R coverage while employed with that Employer. Should your employment terminate and you are later re-hired or employed at another Participating Employer, you may participate in the D&R Plan if you meet the eligibility criteria and complete the enrolment within the required time frame.

Note: As participation in the D&R Plan is mandatory for all eligible employees, you must complete the enrolment process and provide Evidence of Insurability if your enrolment is considered late.

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