Personal, Educational, or Maternity/Parental Leave of Absence or Layoff & Prepayment of D&R Premiums

Important: You must complete the Disability & Rehabilitation Plan Leave of Absence/Layoff – Coverage and Prepayment Form and, where appropriate, arrange the premium prepayment prior to the start of your LOA. For a layoff, the premium payment and form must be arranged and submitted within 30 calendar days of the layoff start date.

Prior to starting an unpaid personal, educational, or maternity/parental LOA or layoff, you must choose to either:

  • Prepay D&R premiums to maintain your D&R coverage during your LOA or layoff, or
  • Terminate your D&R coverage effective the first day of your LOA or layoff.

Prior to the start of your LOA/layoff, please ensure that you contact your Employer’s human resources or benefits department to:

  • Obtain information about maintaining D&R coverage while on the LOA/layoff
  • Complete the necessary forms, and
  • Arrange prepayment of D&R premiums (if maintaining coverage during the LOA/layoff).

Note: The premium prepayment is calculated based on the Covered Employee’s Monthly Earnings as of the last day worked.

Maintaining D&R Coverage During an Approved LOA or Layoff (Prepaying Premiums)

If you prepay your D&R premiums prior to the start of your LOA/layoff:

  • You are eligible to apply for D&R Benefits if you become ill or injured during the LOA/layoff, and
  • You maintain your original Effective Date of Coverage.

Not Maintaining D&R Coverage During an Approved LOA or Layoff

If you elect to terminate your coverage beginning the first day of your LOA/layoff by not prepaying your D&R premiums:

  • D&R coverage terminates and you will not be eligible for D&R Benefits should you become ill or injured during your LOA/layoff,
  • D&R coverage terminates and you will not be eligible to apply to transfer D&R coverage should you accept employment at another Participating Employer while on your LOA/layoff,
  • Your D&R coverage will restart the day you recommence Active Service, and
  • When you return to work, you will have a new Effective Date of Coverage. Consequently, if you cease work due to Illness or injury within one year of the Effective Date of Coverage, the Pre-existing Condition Limitation provision will apply and you may not be eligible for D&R Benefits. 

Maximum Coverage Period

Type of Approved Unpaid LOA Maximum Length of Time A Member Can Maintain D&R Coverage/Pay D&R Premiums to Maintain D&R Coverage
Maternity/Parental Length of the approved LOA
Education 2 years
Personal 1 year
Layoff 1 year

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