Termination of Coverage

D&R coverage ends when one of the following occurs:

  1. Your employment terminates
  2. You transfer to an employer who does not participate in the D&R Plan
  3. You change jobs with a Participating Employer and start working in an employee group that does not participate in the D&R Plan
  4. You cease work due to an unpaid LOA or layoff and do not maintain D&R coverage
  5. Your paid LOA exceeds one year or the paid educational LOA exceeds two years
  6. Your unpaid LOA or layoff exceeds the maximum time period
  7. You reach age 64 and eight months
  8. You change to casual employment
  9. Required D&R premiums are not paid
  10. You are on an unpaid sick LOA and D&R premium payments have not been made
  11. The D&R Plan terminates
  12. Upon your death.

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