EAP Services Still Available Through Phone, Video Conferencing or Text

Mar 18, 2020

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider (Manitoba Blue Cross), has taken steps to safeguard the health of clients and counsellors, as well as to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Suspending in-person counselling

In their commitment to maintain services while mitigating risk, counselling services will be temporarily provided through telephonic, video conferencing or text-based counselling.

Current EAP clients

If you have been seeing a counsellor in person or are awaiting your first in-person appointment, your counsellor will contact you to make new arrangements to participate in counselling through telephonic, video conferencing or text-based email counselling.

Standards of practice

Regardless of the counselling method, your counsellor is committed to all their usual standards of practice related to confidentiality and privacy that govern counselling practice and our EAP.

If I feel distressed or anxious, can I still contact my EAP?

Yes, certainly. Support can be accessed through your EAP in the usual fashion by contacting the intake line:

  1. directly at 204.786.8880
  2. toll free at 1.800.590.5553
  3. TTY at 204.775.0586

Their team is highly aware of the potential impacts on mental health associated with this pandemic and they are available to help.

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