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Q: What are the definitions of spouse and common-law partner?

A: Spouse refers to the person who is married to the Plan member or former Plan member.

Common-law partner refers to:

  • A person who is in a registered common-law relationship with the Plan member or former Plan member under section 13.1 of The Vital Statistics Act, or
  • A person who is not married to the Plan member or former Plan member but has lived with the Plan member, or former member in a conjugal relationship for a period of:
    • At least three years, if either of them is married, or
    • At least one year, if neither of them is married.

Q: What does it mean if I defer my pension?

A: At retirement, you have the option of deferring your pension benefit payment until a later date. For example, you could retire in May and choose to defer receiving your pension benefit until February of the following year. If you defer your pension, benefit payments are not retroactive to your original retirement date. As deferring a pension is not normally to a member’s advantage, please contact our Member Services team before you decide whether or not to defer your pension benefit payments.

Q: Who can I name as my beneficiary?

A: If you are single, you can name anyone as your beneficiary. If you have a spouse/common-law partner who has not signed the Waiver of 60% Joint Survivor Pension form your spouse/common-law partner must be your beneficiary.

Q: How do I start my retirement?

A: Please contact our Member Services team four to six months before your intended retirement date for a personalized retirement package. Complete and return it to HEB Manitoba along with proof of your age and spouse’s age, if applicable (for example, a birth certificate or passport) by the deadline date provided in your retirement package in order to receive your first pension benefit payment on the first business day of the month following your retirement date.

Note: If you are working with more than one Participating Employer, you must cease employment and retire from all employers concurrently.

Q: What if I am late returning the required documents?

A: After the deadline date, pension benefit payments will be paid on a go forward basis and will not be paid retroactively back to your original retirement date.

Q: When is my pension benefit paid?

A: Your monthly pension benefit payments are directly deposited on the first business day of each month into the Canadian bank account you have chosen.

Q: When can I expect to receive my first payment?

A: If you work in the month before your pension benefit starts, your employer and HEB Manitoba will need time to verify and process your actual earnings, contributions and service up to the last day your employment ends. In this situation, your first pension benefit will be paid four to six weeks after your last date of employment and regular benefit payments will begin on the first of the next month. For example, if you work until June 28 and your pension start date is July 1, your first benefit payment is expected be made at the end of July (or beginning of August) and your second payment will be made in September. Subsequent benefits will then be paid on the first of each month. 

We encourage you to prepare financially for the period before you receive your first pension benefit payment.

Note: Processing of your pension benefit payments cannot begin until all required documents, payroll information and employer verifications have been received.

Q: What deductions are taken off my pension cheque?

A: HEPP is required to deduct income tax based on your gross monthly pension benefit income.

If you choose Optional Post-Retirement Life Insurance, premiums will be deducted from your monthly pension benefit payment. The Manitoba Retail Sales Tax must also be charged on group life insurance premiums. 

If you apply for Retiree Healthcare Plan coverage, premiums will be deducted from your pension benefit payment.

Q: What happens if I return to work after I’ve already started receiving my HEPP pension?

A: If you return to work for a Participating Employer(s), you will need to complete a Pension Plan Enrolment Form and have the one time option to choose from the following:

  1. Continue to receive your monthly pension.

    If you choose this option, the Income Tax Act regulations prohibits you from contributing to HEPP at the same time.

  2. Suspend your current pension benefit payments while you are re-employed.

    In this situation, your monthly pension would stop and you would be required to contribute to the Plan for your period of re-employment. When you stop contributing, we would reactivate your original pension and calculate an additional pension for the period you began contributing again. Normally, it would not be in a member’s best interest to select this option.

Before you decide to continue or suspend your pension, please contact our Member Services team at HEB Manitoba.

Q: I was involved in a marriage/common-law relationship breakdown after December 31, 1983. Does this impact the pension I receive from HEPP?

A: The Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba states that if a marriage/common-law relationship breakdown occurs on or after January 1, 1984, and there is a written agreement dividing family assets, the value of pension benefit credits earned during the period of marriage/common-law relationship must also be divided. You will need to contact HEB Manitoba to have the value determined. HEB Manitoba requires a completed Relationship Breakdown Statement of Facts form or a copy of your separation agreement to calculate the spousal entitlement.

The division of the pension benefit credits may be waived or paid out. If your former spouse/common-law partner receives a share of your pension, there will be an offset applied to your monthly pension. Prior to any release of pension benefits, the marriage/common-law relationship breakdown must be resolved. Members are encouraged to notify HEB Manitoba as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving pension benefits. Please contact a HEB Manitoba Pension Specialist if you would like further information.

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