Understanding Rule of 80

imageRule of 80 is when your age plus employment service totals 80. It used to be called Magic 80.

Why does knowing my Rule of 80 matter?

Some of the Plan changes will apply to you based on when you began employment and when you actually reach Rule of 80.

Current members who have not reached Rule of 80 before January 1, 2020 will have their pensions actuarially reduced if they choose to retire before age 55.

It is important that you know how changes to your employment situation might affect your retirement eligibility so that you can make informed choices about your future.

What types of changes can affect my Rule of 80 date and potentially affect my retirement eligibility?

Situations that could affect your Rule of 80 date include:

  • Unpaid leaves of absence lasting more than 54 weeks.
  • Moving to or from casual employment.
  • Transferring service into the Plan.
  • Leaving the Plan.

You can call us and ask to speak with a Pension Specialist to address your specific questions. The closer you are to your potential retirement,the more important it is that you contact us.

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