Portability Options

The Plan provides flexibility for members to transfer pensionable benefits from another Registered Pensions Plan (RPP) into or out of the Plan. 

The two most common types of transfers between RPPs are reciprocal transfers and commuted value transfers. 

When considering transferring pension funds, basic eligibility requirements must be met. 
Transferring funds between pension plans might affect the amount you can contribute to RRSPs. For more information on tax implications, please contact a tax advisor or the CRA

Once you transfer your pension benefit credits from another pension plan into HEB Manitoba, this service is deemed to be credited as if you had been a member of HEPP during this timeframe. This means any benefits payable on the total of your service will be based on the provisions of the HEPP Plan Text regardless of where the service was rendered.

Effective January 1, 2020 

Service transferred into the Plan may affect your Rule of 80 date but will not change the benefits to which you are entitled.

Reciprocal Transfers 

HEB Manitoba has entered into reciprocal transfer agreements with several RPP administrators. Under a reciprocal transfer, the value available for transfer is generally based on an actuarially determined amount. This type of agreement provides for the transfer of credited service and employment service between the plans. It should be noted that the funds available for transfer from the exporting plan may be less than the amount required to purchase equivalent credited service in the importing plan; however, you would have the option to purchase the shortfall of credited service. 

Reciprocal Transfer List

  • Brandon University Retirement Plan
  • Civil Service Superannuation Board
  • CUPE Employees' Pension Plan
  • Public Service Superannuation Act
  • The Board of Trustees of the Community Agencies Retirement Plan
  • The Joint Board of Trustees of the Municipal Employees Pension Plan 
  • The Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund (TRAF)

Note: There are time limits within which a reciprocal transfer must be applied for. If you are considering a reciprocal transfer please contact us as soon as you become employed with a Participating Employer or as soon as you are employed with an employer that participates in a reciprocal agreement with HEB Manitoba.

Commuted Value Transfers

A commuted value transfer allows for the transfer of the lump sum equivalent of a pension benefit from one RPP to another but unlike a reciprocal transfer, a commuted value transfer is not necessarily based on credited service or employment service from the former pension plan. 

If you are eligible for a termination benefit, the Plan allows for the commuted value transfer out of the Plan to your new employer, provided the new employer is willing to accept the transfer of funds and there is no reciprocal transfer agreement in place. Similarly, HEPP will accept funds from a former Employer’s pension plan provided the funds are coming from that plan or the locked-in vehicle that the money was transferred to. Members cannot directly transfer the money to HEPP from non-locked in plans.

Members who have met a retirement provision at the time of termination are not eligible to transfer out the commuted value of their pension benefit.

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