Pension Plan

The Healthcare Employees’ Pension Plan (HEPP or the Pension Plan) is one of the largest pension funds in Manitoba and among the top 50 in Canada. 

HEPP is a defined benefit pension plan. Unlike a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or a defined contribution pension plan, a defined benefit pension plan uses a formula, rather than investment income derived from pension contributions, to determine benefits payable to eligible members at retirement.

This means that when you retire you will receive a predictable, secure monthly income for the rest of your life.

When you start contributing to the Plan, you contribute at all your employers if they participate in the Pension Plan. Your employers match your contributions.

List of Participating Employers 


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Estimate Your Pension

  • Log in to the Member Portal to use our pension estimator to model different pension scenarios for your future retirement.

Portability Options

Leaving the Plan

Purchasing Service

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  • Check who is listed as my Pension Plan beneficiary

  • Change my Pension Plan beneficiary

  • See when I become eligible for my Pension

  • Use the Pension Estimator

  • Request a Pension Application package

  • Request a Service Purchase calculation

  • Track the progress of a Service Purchase request

Life Events and Personal Information

  • Change my contact information (mailing address, email and/or phone number)

  • Add my new spouse

  • Add my new common-law partner

  • Add a dependent child

  • Check to see if my dependants are listed correctly in HEB Manitoba’s system

  • Remove a former spouse or common-law partner

  • Report the death of a spouse/common-law partner or dependent child

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